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The Mythical Kraken

I hear a loud boom from the top deck, along with sounds of agony from my crew's soul crippling shrieks. My room shakes furiously. I dash up the metal stairs to the top deck, adrenaline circulating through my bulging veins being pumped by my racing heart. To my horror, I see a large hole in the siding of the ship, the punishing waves thrashing against the boat, creating a rocking motion. Seconds later, out of nowhere, a large, red club strikes the starboard end of the ship, sending me flying forward and causing me to bang my head against the large, wood mast. As a high-pitched tone rings inside my head from the heavy blow, I realize what is happening.

As I slowly rise, I look around my surroundings. I notice the mysterious monster is nowhere in sight, but the raging storm remains intact. I see my crew annihilated, lying on the deck motionless, all their skin pale. A flood of sorrow and sadness engulfs me as I gain new power. I grasp my golden sword, taking it out of its sheath, sending a metallic shockwave throughout the air. I look over the ship's rail to see a dark figure slowly moving closer and closer. As it came closer, some of the physical features showed up. I gazed upon the rumbling oceans; I noticed giant tentacles' profiles with a squid-like body. But it was not a squid; this creature was much more prominent. At that moment, it finally hit me. The guardian of the sea has arisen from its deep slumber, brought forth by the raging storm's dark, black clouds to kill all trespassers. I realized that this creature was not any ordinary organism. It was the mythical Kraken.

The Kraken suddenly burst out of the water like a blue whale, causing a tidal wave, capsizing the boat. I feel my body become weightless as I plummet down, still holding onto my weapon. I get to see a glimpse of the shadowy creature. It is a red, shiny-colored squid-like organism with gigantic tentacles with suckers and clubs. It was bigger than the ship itself. As I fell, so did the lifeless bodies of my team. As I hit the water, I descend about 10 ft down, the dead floating on the surface. Just as I was gaining my sense of mind, I noticed the Kraken was heading toward me. I flailed my arms in a huff, striving to get to the surface. I take one breath of the cold, musty air but suddenly feel slimy tentacles wrap around my waist. Before I have the chance to react, I am pulled through the water at an incredible velocity. The Kraken started pulling me below into a dark abyss in the ocean's depths. I pull out my sword, stabbing the hideous monster's tentacle. As my sharpened sword cut through the Kraken's flesh, the water turned red. The Kraken winced, bellowed in pain, and started failing its tentacles as it dove deeper.

I scream "For my crew!" in a muffled voice, creating bubbles. I chop off the tentacle with the last ounce of strength I contain. As the severed limb sinks to the ocean floor, I throw the sword at the monster's head, but it is useless. The Kraken noticed the sword and decided to deflect it back at me with great speed. As the blade sinks into my chest, I freeze in the water, impaling my heart. As I bled and screamed in agony, the Kraken looked at me with its bright, orange eyes with a look of death and anger as it swam away, out of eyesight in the black, cold depths of the sea, never to be seen again. And with my last breath, the world became dead to me.

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