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I am an explorer who loves trying out new activities and challenging myself. I enjoy year-round learning and playing sports like soccer, cricket, skiing, mountain biking, swimming and tennis. 

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My first business venture was setting up a lemonade stand when I was seven during the NW Cricket league game, which inspired me to keep trying new pursuits. When I was nine, I sold my paintings at a cultural event to raise funds for Venessa Behan Crisis Nursery. 

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"If we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves."

Amp up your growth with patterns, numbers, & rhythms.


My love for art stems from the freedom to create anything I feel, making it a wonderful means of self-expression. At school, I enjoyed illustrating stories, using colors, textures, and patterns to convey ideas without words. My artwork has been showcased at the School District's Art Exhibition.


Math concepts are super fun to learn, and I like challenging puzzles. Math is a powerful tool that applies to almost everything we do in our daily lives. During my summer breaks over the past few years, I have continued with my math education, qualifying me to pursue a high school Algebra 2B Honors class in Grade 8. 


My mom noticed my liking for piano early on. I started learning piano at three & trained with one of Spokane's experienced pianists from Grade 1 to Grade 6. From Grade 5 to Grade 8, I learned violin at school & now take private lessons to keep learning. I love composing & performing piano pieces of my favorite artists. 

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"Music, Mathematics, and Art are considered the pinnacle of human creativity." - Quote.

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